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  About Indian Paramparik Art



I, Kailash Chand Kumawat hail from a small village called Bhainslana, which is in Sambhar region in Rajasthan. My father, Mr. Ganesh Lal Kumawat started working with his father, Mr. Ramchandra Kumawat from the age of 12. My father would paint on umbrellas and gradually moved on to painting on the walls of the forts. He would also work on stones. This art of painting has been carried on in our family from generations.


                              I lost my grand father when he was only 35 years old. When my father would paint, I too, as a child, would help in mixing of colours, how to prepare colours etc. I lost my father after his prolonged illness, when he was only 45 years old. I was only 15 then and was studying in class 7. I started gaining knowledge of colours and tried my hand at painting. After my father’s death, our family faced financial problems. Therefore, I came to Jailpur to find work in the art which I knew. I was an absolute stranger to Jaipur and I had no acquaintances there. But I had to promote my art. In Jaipur, I met Guru Sachitanand Joshi. He saw my work and my zeal to succeed. He was impressed with me and he gave me an opportunity to work in his workshop. I persevered a lot, and slowly and steadily starting getting success. I learnt about various colours and different art forms from Mr. Joshi. Afterworking in Mr. Joshi’s workshop, I worked in different places for 4 years. Thereafter, I branched out on my own.

                            Today, my entire family is involved in his work. I have one daughter and two sons, and they too are interested in his work. They help me in preparation of colours, mixing of colours, filling in colours etc. My wife too helps me with my paintings. I am very happy with my work today, and take pride in the fact that through my work. Children are aware of this beautiful form of art, painting and they are keen to know more. No one will ever say that our children do not know of India’s valuable art forms. Whenever I have had exhibitions of my paintings, I have hordes of people, Indians and foreigners, coming to see them, which includes lots of student. This encourages me a lot and I feel proud that even today, these students are eager to learn about this art.



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